True to Who I Am


In a recent entry, I delved into the challenges of living with ADHD and the initial struggle to accept what felt like a departure from the norm. The pursuit of what society deemed "normal" became an exhausting journey, filled with tears and sleepless nights as I grappled with my perceived shortcomings.

Desperation led me to take a radical step—a month-long hiatus from social media, outings, and distractions. This period, which I called my "spiritual focus month," was dedicated to seeking solace and clarity. I yearned to find peace amidst the chaos within my mind and carve a path to what I believed was a more normal existence.

Each day during this month began with prayer and devotion, an intentional effort to connect with the Heavenly Father. Engaging in scripture, asking questions, and earnestly seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit became my daily routine. Despite the discipline, the desired normalcy remained elusive even after the spiritual focus month concluded.

Rather than abandoning my quest, I transformed this dedicated period into a daily lifestyle. In the ongoing journey, the Holy Spirit nudged me to step beyond my comfort zone—an unexpected directive in my pursuit of normalcy. Reluctantly, I embraced the challenge, taking leaps of faith and engaging in activities I would have avoided without external validation.

Surprisingly, these leaps of faith brought about a transformative shift. My focus aligned with God’s plan, and I began to perceive myself in a new light—stronger and more alive. Through this process, God revealed the uniqueness of my personality, demonstrating how my distinctive way of thinking and specific triggers could propel my life forward.

Over time, I learned to embrace my individuality. Instead of striving for illusory normalcy, I discovered the beauty in being authentically me—the "ME" that God intentionally crafted. This ongoing journey of spiritual focus and self-discovery has led me to a profound acceptance of my uniqueness, showcasing the power of embracing one's true self. I am – The “ME” God Made!

Let’s Chat!

  1. Have you ever struggled with feeling like you don't fit society's definition of "normal"? Share your experience.
  2. How do you find solace and clarity in moments of chaos or uncertainty?
  3. What role does faith or spirituality play in your journey of self-discovery?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Coach Kenya Joy ❤️


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Kenya Johnson, M.P.G.C


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