~Seeking the Will of God - Day 20~
~A Heart of Obedience - Day 22~

~Answers to Prayer - Day 21~

So the Lord must wait for you to come to Him so he can show you His love and compassion.  For the LORD is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for His help.  Isaiah 30:18 (NLT)

When you pray, you’re looking for and seeking answers.  Know that when you seek the Father, coming before Him with a pure heart, believing that you will receive, He will answer you.  God loves you and if you are obedient to His Word, He will answer your prayers. He doesn’t always answer immediately.  That doesn’t mean you stop praying. Continue to seek Him until you get His response.  Don’t get ahead of God.  Earnestly seek Him.

Today, take every pressing need or concern you have to the Father.  Pray about your needs and concerns every day.  Pray and wait for His response.

Journal Time:

  • Write down all your needs and concerns.
  • In your prayer time pray about each of them.
  • As you receive answers – write and record each answer, date and time of response, in your journal.


Father, I come before you concerning________________. You know my heart and exactly what I need.  Lead, guide and direct me concerning this issue, need/concern.  I will not try to work it out on my own.  I will seek you daily until I receive answers. Amen.


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