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Kenya Joy is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, writer, and author who has dedicated her career to helping women achieve their full potential. With a BS in Psychology and personal experience with ADHD, Kenya Joy has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that women face and uses this knowledge to adjust her coaching approach.

As a life coach, Kenya Joy works with both women with and without ADHD to help them identify their goals, develop actionable steps, and overcome obstacles. Her coaching style is supportive, compassionate, and non-judgmental, and she works collaboratively with her clients to create customized plans that fit their unique needs and circumstances.

In addition to her coaching work, Kenya Joy is an accomplished writer and author, having published several books on personal growth and self-improvement. She also has a strong faith in God that guides her work, and she encourages her clients to tap into their spiritual beliefs and values to achieve their goals.

Overall, Kenya Joy is a dynamic and compassionate professional who is passionate about helping women achieve their full potential. Whether you are struggling with ADHD or simply looking to live a more fulfilling life, Kenya Joy can help you to overcome obstacles, tap into your strengths, and create a life that aligns with your values and purpose.